Quotes Rainbow

How is a rainbow created? A rainbow can only arise if it has rained and the sun is shining at the same time. If the rays of the sun then hit raindrops, the sunlight is broken down into its colors in the raindrops, which we can then see as a rainbow in the sky.

Quotes about rainbows

Rainbow fascinate people since time immemorial. Reason enough for a small collection of quotes about rainbows.

Quotes Rainbow
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Browse our collection of the most beautiful quotes, sayings and wisdom about rainbows:

  • You don't have to hang laundry on the rainbow. Friedrich Hebbel
  • Laughter is the rainbow, The dark reason of the storm rises. Anton Alexander Count of Auersperg
  • That man will be redeemed from vengeance: that is the bridge to the highest hope and a rainbow after long storms. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  • The rainbow is like a clamp that holds the ends of the sky together. May he also combine body and soul with the gentleness of his colors. Irish proverb
  • You will not lose the job of showing a rainbow to your child. But the rainbow does not wait until you're done with the work. Chinese proverb
  • The world is full of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, sisters, aunts and uncles, but with only one mother. Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • Every weather is raging, one day we have the rainbow, and the feast of reconciliation. Theodor Fontane
  • With tones, our love dances on colorful rainbows. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  • May a rainbow over your house after every storm. Irish proverb
  • Only in the tear of pain is the rainbow of a better world reflected. Friedrich Hebbel
  • Without tears the soul would not have a rainbow. John Vance Cheney
  • Look at the rainbow and praise the one who made it! Because he has very nice colors. Bible, Old Testament (Sir 43,12)
  • See the rainbow! Only when the sky is crying do you see the colors in the light. Shan Tao
  • We never see happiness as the rainbow over our own head, but always over strangers. Adolph von Menzel
  • Delicate poem like rainbow is drawn only on dark ground. That's why the poetic genius likes the element of melancholy. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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