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Goes well with your resolutions for the new year and goes with the lockdown - Zumba at home. It has been a few years since the mix of Latin American dance steps and aerobics found its way into Germany.

Zumba turns the living room into a dance floor

However, the boom continues unabated and today you can hardly find gyms that do not offer Zumba classes.

Zumba at home
Zumba at home - Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

But not everyone wants or can go to a studio. The solution is simple, because Zumba is also available for the home. No matter whether DVDs with finished programs and choreographies, CDs with the right music or various accessories for special workouts or pages with a suitable streaming offer.

The advantages are obvious: Train when you want and move freely and uninhibitedly. This is definitely an advantage at the beginning, when the hip swing is not nearly the same as that of the trainer.

There are also no recurring costs for a contribution to the gym. Most packages come with a DVD explaining the basics and dancing. Or you just stream it.

So you can first lay the foundation at your own pace. The individual dancer does not need a lot of space, so Zumba training is also possible in small rooms.

Short, compact workouts and long sessions

Another plus for Zumba at home are the different lengths of the various units. Those who have little time but want to do something for their fitness and body before work can use one of the “express programs”.

Calories are burned and muscles are trained in 20 to a maximum of 30 minutes. Some choreographies that offer special abdominal muscle training are similarly short. Unlike many other programs for the stomach, legs and buttocks, these do not take place on the floor.

For example, there are exercises that are practiced on and with an ordinary chair. All of this, of course, to the right music and always with a helping of dance and fun.

More extensive, on the other hand, are the various cardio programs, live dance parties or workouts with special accessories such as the "Rizer" (a round stepboard) or toning sticks (small dumbbells that also rattle and provide the right sound for the exercises). The time required here is around an hour.

On many of the DVDs, Alberto (called Beto) personally guides Perez. The Colombian fitness trainer is the inventor and registered the Zumba brand name in 2001. Anyone who at some point feels called to dance their own choreographies at home will receive the right sounds for them with the corresponding CDs.

Incidentally, the "good mood" songs are also great for getting in the mood for a vacation or a summer party.

So there are many reasons for Zumba in your own living room. The most important ones, however, are fun and a good mood. And no more excuses when the gyms are closed or we are in lockdown ...

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  1. It's so good for me when after 8 hours of home office I can just walk a few meters outside. I don't do the fitness program as described above, but exercise is really important and is really good for you.

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