Map of Europe

The geographical features of Europe are as varied as they are dramatic. The northern realm is a panorama of fjords, carved by the relentless work of ancient glaciers, found particularly in Norway. Beyond these, the Arctic tundras of Iceland and Scandinavia offer rugged beauty, often lit by the ethereal glow of the aurora borealis. Descending into the heart of Europe, one finds the aged spine of the continent: the Alps. These towering peaks serve as the crucible of legendary rivers, such as the Rhine and the Danube, which flow lazily through verdant valleys, dense forests, and past medieval castles perched atop hills.

Free Political Map of Europe

Europe’s southern contour is embraced by the warm azure of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Iberian Peninsula juts out into the waters, home to the fabled Pyrenees Mountains. The southern regions are also where one will find the pelagic splendour of the Greek isles and the rugged landscapes of the Balkan Peninsula. Towards the east, the land flattens into the vast steppes that stretch forth to Asia, while the volcanic activity in areas like Iceland and Italy has sculptured landscapes that are both fearsome and fertile.

Below you will find a free version of the Europe map, with all states. You can design the blank version freely for school lessons. Clicking on the map opens the respective map  in large format:

Map of Europe
Map of Europe

Blank map of Europe

European countries and its capitals

  • Albania – Tirana
  • Andorra – Andorra la Vella
  • Armenia – Yerevan
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Azerbaijan – Baku
  • Belarus – Minsk
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Croatia – Zagreb
  • Cyprus – Nicosia
  • Czech Republic – Prague
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Estonia – Tallinn
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Paris
  • Georgia – Tbilisi
  • Germany – Berlin
  • Greece – Athens
  • Hungary – Budapest
  • Iceland – Reykjavik
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Italy – Rome
  • Kosovo – Pristina
  • Latvia – Riga
  • Liechtenstein – Vaduz
  • Lithuania – Vilnius
  • Luxembourg – Luxembourg
  • Malta – Valletta
  • Moldova – Chisinau
  • Monaco – Monaco
  • Montenegro – Podgorica
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • North Macedonia – Skopje
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Russia – Moscow
  • San Marino – San Marino
  • Serbia – Belgrade
  • Slovakia – Bratislava
  • Slovenia – Ljubljana
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Switzerland – Bern
  • Turkey – Ankara
  • Ukraine – Kyiv
  • United Kingdom – London
  • Vatican City – Vatican City

The history of Europe is etched deep into its very soil, with each stone and river carrying centuries of tales. From the ruins of Ancient Greece, where democracy first took root, to the Roman Empire, whose legacy remains embedded in the languages, laws, and edifices of many European nations. The Middle Ages saw the rise of powerful monarchies and the chivalry of knights, as well as the darkness of the Black Death and the struggles for power that have endlessly rewritten borders. Europe has been the stage for both enlightenment and catastrophe; the Scientific Revolution began here, as did the dark chapters of the World Wars. Yet it has always been a phoenix rising from its ashes, rebuilding and redefining itself after every fall. Its history is a chronicle of resilience, a series of interconnected narratives that span from the ancient eras to the contemporary period, independent of any unifying political entity like the European Union.

Europe’s geographical diversity, rich culture, and historical complexity make it a continent of endless fascination. The variety of its physical features mirror the diversity of its people, languages, and traditions—a mosaic where each piece is integral. Europe’s history is marred by conflicts and strife but is also adorned with periods of peace and flourishing. From its ragged coastlines to its undulating plains and towering peaks, this continent remains a testament to the indelible human spirit and the timeless splendour of the Earth. Europe stands not only as a geographic and cultural entity but as a perpetual narrative of human endurance and the quest for meaning amidst the vast tapestry of our world.

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